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Texas suspends elective surgeries in four counties as COVID-19 cases surge

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott (R) issued an executive order Thursday suspending elective surgeries in four counties where surging COVID-19 outbreaks threaten to overwhelm hospitals.The order takes effect Friday at midnight in Bexar, Dallas, Harris and Travis counties, which hold some of the state’s largest cities.


Mending Payer Relations Smooths Revenue Cycle at Northwestern Med

Engaging in more productive conversations with payers helped Northwestern Medicine exceed net patient revenue goals and address its more pressing revenue cycle challenges, including COVID-19.


3 Boots-on-the-ground revenue cycle strategies for a second COVID-19 surge. 

Health system leaders around the country can look to systems like Northwell Health in New York for guidance about how to best prepare their own revenue cycles for a possible second wave of COVID-19 cases as states ease restrictions and mass protests flood the streets.


Titan auditors recover $2.3 million of lost revenue for multiple health systems by challenging auth-related denials.

Titan auditors investigated the root cause of numerous authorization-related denials and found that payors were denying claims for a number of reasons. Read the case study to learn more. 


Increase revenue and reduce underpayments by performing an impact analysis.

Hospitals that suspended non-emergent procedures to focus on fighting COVID-19 have lost, or expect to lose, a large chunk of their annual revenue according to a recently released report. Our complimentary impact analysis will show how your collections are performing, expose payor underpayment activity, and reveal revenue recovery opportunities.


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