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What employees need from their leaders during the coronavirus crisis

During high-stress periods, it becomes vital for leaders to offer employees reason for hope while at the same time being truthful and transparent. Read about four best practices for communicating during a crisis.


Documentation to Ease Medical Billing Issues Due to COVID-19

Clinical documentation is critical to serving patients with COVID-19, but also avoiding medical billing and payment issues in the months and years following the pandemic. 


The Revenue Cycle and COVID-19: 3 Issues, 3 Responses

No two revenue cycles are the same and no two will react to the COVID-19 crisis in exactly the same way. But at this point, the right way forward is still unknown. But there are some commonalities and strategies that revenue cycles can learn from each other as they navigate this unprecedented events. 


3 Ways COVID-19 is Upending the Revenue Cycle

Many elements of the COVID-19 crisis are already changing the revenue cycle, from forcing revenue cycle leaders to expand remote work options to more employees, to the revenue ramifications of cancelling elective procedures:


Titan Health recovers $2.9M for prestigious Midwest health system 

The Titan Health audit team uncovered bundling denials triggered by specific charge code combinations and recovered $2.9M for a prestigious Midwest health system.


Hospitals that suspended non-emergent procedures to focus on fighting COVID-19 have lost, or expect to lose, a large chunk of their annual revenue according to a recently released report. 

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