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4 revenue cycle initiatives fast-tracked by COVID-19

For years, revenue cycle executives have talked about modernization wants and needs. But in many healthcare organizations, a lack of time, money, or will—or all three—have stood in the way of moving forward. Now projects on the backburner have been implemented faster than anyone thought possible out of necessity.


Lessons from 2 organizations that restarted elective procedures after the COVID-19 moratorium

Hospitals in New York state are restarting elective surgeries after having suspended them per a state order in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Leaders began the process by examining every workflow to assess what they needed to change in the new environment. 


A new normal for medicine emerges as hospitals return to elective surgeries, non-COVID work

Strapped for cash and some protective equipment, and forced to re-write protocols to better fortify against the contagious spread of COVID-19, doctors’ offices and hospitals across the country are beginning to rethink their approach to personal care -- from an increase in telemedicine and widespread coronavirus testing for patients, to the complex math about which procedures should go ahead and how.


Increase revenue and reduce underpayments by performing an impact analysis.

Hospitals that suspended non-emergent procedures to focus on fighting COVID-19 have lost, or expect to lose, a large chunk of their annual revenue according to a recently released report. Our complimentary impact analysis will show how your collections are performing, expose payor underpayment activity, and reveal revenue recovery opportunities


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