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Medical billing for telehealth during COVID-19

While the regulatory environment has not always been favorable towards telehealth, federal and state legislations have recently loosened in an effort to enable healthcare providers to more easily treat patients virtually during this time. Understanding the options for maintaining medical billing during the pandemic can help alleviate financial interruptions and pressures. 


3 Revenue Cycle Hurdles for Resuming Elective Procedures

Cash-strapped providers will be eager to get the ball rolling on revenue-generating elective procedures again when it's safe to do so, but rescheduling hundreds of deferred patient procedures won't be easy.


Coding in Age of COVID-19: Deciphering Coding Nuances, Best Practices

In addition to healthcare workers on the front lines, the pandemic has also impacted the healthcare revenue cycle, causing major confusion, questions, and inconsistencies as coding specialists learn the latest COVID-19 codes and guidelines at warp speed. 


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